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Q: Do I need a partner to participate in a tournament?

A: Yes, you need a partner. Players are responsible for creating their own teams. Teams must register together.

Q: What if I don’t have a partner? Will Precision Sand assign me one or help me find one?

A: You do not need to have a partner to train, but you are responsible for finding your own partner for tournaments. A good way to find a partner is to come out to the trainings. Let us know that you are looking for a partner and we’ll be sure to let you know of others we may know of that are also looking. It’s a good place to meet other sand players and get the word out that you are looking for a partner.

Q: Do tournaments ever get cancelled because of weather?

A: Luckily, we rarely have any issues with weather.  However it is possible that we may cancel (and refund) if the weather is bad enough in order to prioritize the safety of our players and staff.  For example, heavy rain or audible thunder / visible lightening are grounds for cancellation. We will play in light rain.  Consider all tournaments ON unless you hear otherwise from the Tournament Director. Always check our website the morning of a tournament.

Q: What should I wear?

A: You should play in clothes that you are comfortable in. Some players wear athletic swimwear others wear athletic shorts and t-shirts or tank tops. Partners do not have to match but it is fun if they do.

Q: Is the sand hot?

The sand can get very hot. We recommend Sand Socks and will be selling them during tournaments for $25. You can also find them online. In a pinch, some players will use athletic socks to protect their feet.

Q: How long do tournaments last?

A: Generally speaking plan on being there for about 5-6 hours. Tournaments start with pool play then a small break and then bracket play. Players also referee games as part of their day. Once bracket play starts, the more you win the longer you stay. End times will vary depending on your results.

Q: Do I have to train with a sand/beach volleyball club to participate in tournaments?

A: Absolutely no. Just find a partner you would like to play with and register together. Everyone is welcome!

Q: Do I have to train with Precision Sand Volleyball to participate in your tournaments?

A: Absolutely no. Everyone is welcome to compete in our tournaments. Players from many different sand clubs around Northern California compete in our tournaments.

Q: What do I do if I am running late for a tournament?

A: Be sure to contact the Tournament Director as soon as you know you might be running late. They may be able to have you in a rotation that has you sitting out the first game. Always get in contact ASAP with any potential issues.

Q: I need to cancel  – what is the policy?

A: Tournament fees are nonrefundable but you can sell your team’s spot to another team in the same age bracket. Once you have worked out the details with the other team, contact the tournament director to let them know who will be filling your space. If the tournament is sold out, you can also let us know you are looking to sell your space. We are happy to pass along your information to anyone that inquires about cancellations.

We hope we have answered your questions. If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact:

Tournament Director – Mike Yates

Cell –  916-806-3734

Email –